Welcome to Nutra Gardens. We specialize in creating and selling portable odorless aquaponic garden systems by using hydroponics & aqua culture combined to provide our customers the purest organic food products that are rare to find in most markets today. We work with all types of hydroponic & aquaponic companies in all areas of the world to sell and market the methods of aquaponic/hydroponic systems. Starting from the seed we choose the best organic quality of seeds available by taking a bigger step. Your Nutra garden system will supply you with fresh organic vegetables, fruits, and fish all year round in your home as well as extras for your friends and neighbors. We have designed this product to make our lives healthier and whats better then planting your own food and watching it grow in your home. Our garden system is totally self reliant on running itself all you have to do is pick your food from the garden when your hungry. Our gardens do not require to be sprayedwith chemicals or preservatives or anything that can cause harm to our bodies.